おむすびのデリバリー Delivery of rice balls

宅配エリア【Delivery Area】

宅配可能地域について Delivery Area

Bondai Junctionより20kmになります。

●The delivery area is the following area.
It is up to 20km from Bondi Junction.
Please contact us whenever expect for this area.

※ We plan to expand gradually in the future. I will guide you on the web.



※AU$50以上で配達致します。但し、別途Delivery feeがかかりますので詳しくは、お問い合わせ下さい。

When your order,please tell us your name,mobile number,delivery date,place and what you would like.
You can order until 6pm onthe day before your desired date.
Also,regarding the change of the contents after the order,it will be until the previous day.
Please understand in advance that you cannot cancel on the day.

※We will delivery for more than A$50.
However we will charge you a delivery fee separately,so please contact us for details.